Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My experience with FocalPrice

I discovered focalprice from soompi forums about a month ago when a girl posted some really cute Hello Kitty watches (in the "WDYBT" thread) that she bought from the wholesale website based in Hong Kong. I was intrigued at how inexpensive they were (around $4.xx!) and she stated the shipping was free. I checked out the website, and they had some really cool items that i was interested in. I was hesitant about how trustworthy the website was, so i googled reviews and comments about it. I read many reviews saying their customer service was great and a few reviews stating not to trust the website. After contemplating on whether i should go on with my order, i finally jumped the gun and bought a few things. I used paypal since it's more secure than using Credit Card. My total paid for 10 items came up to $24.14!

I had a really positive experience with focalprice. I ordered my items on 2/10/2010 and received the items on 3/15/2010. Four of my items were out of stock, so i had to wait days until they restocked the items. Since this is a wholesale website, many people order items in bulk, so naturally some become OOS. I mean for the price & free shipping, i didn't mind the wait too much xD Plus, the customer service people warned me that some of my items were OOS and i could get refunded if i wanted or just wait until they restocked. Customer service was very attentive with my questions and replied within hours. And yes, their English was great! haha

Another thing i would recommend is that you should keep in mind about how the quality is going to be. They sell no-brand-electronics (that are obviously modeled after popular brands), makeup, acessories for Itouch/PSP/PS3, etc.. so don't be too surprised if it is not like how you imagined them to be. You get what you pay for! Make sure to read the reviews on that item, if there are any.

Let's get to the product reviews!

9 of the 10 Items that i ordered were put into this envelope! O_O Pretty amazing how all my items fit in here! LOL I thought it would come in a box, but nope. 1 item remained OOS, so they're gonna send it separately when it's restocked.

Ultra Slim Aluminum Case for PSP 3000 (Green)
9/10: Fit my PSP 3000 perfectly! The color is a little lighter than i expected, but i love it!


My pics (click to enlarge~)

Kitty Contact Lenses Case Set (White) (bought 2)
8/10: I was excited for these! Really cute and also comes with mirror, tweezers, & mini solution bottle. When i opened it, the mirror was falling off, so i just shoved it back in, no biggie. I probably have to super glue it back later on. I didn't open the other one since it's for my sister.
Stock pic:

Bowknot Multimedia Stereo Earphones (Yellow)
9/10: I'm really satisfied with this! The earphones came in a nice case and are exactly as pictured. The sound quality is not bad at all! They came with extra buds too.

Chocolate Cartoon Pendent Hang Decorations (Yellow)
10/10: Exactly as pictured & packaging is cute :) I had to get this cause it looked like Ferrero Rocher chocolate xD

Kitty Keychain Mobile Phone Sensor Accessory
7/10: It came with a little scratch on the white part & the lanyard is a little too short. I have to attach it to my old cell charm. It works great though. Red, Green, & Blue lights flash when i get a call/phone rings! It so pretty!

The other 4 items are my boyfriends'. Maybe i'll tell him to review them for me later.

All in all, my experience with focalprice.com was great! The customer service was great & answered all my answers in a timely manner, shipping if FREE, and the items i received were as pictured. Although you have to be cautious about the quality of some of the items, especially electronics, there's no denying that their service is great. I'd definitely buy from them again~

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me :D


  1. Your purchases are so cute, the ferrero rocher charm, bow ear buds and hk contact lens case especially

  2. Great buys, loving the HK contact lens case :)

  3. thanks for the extensive review.. i heard of the site but was reluctant to buy from it. now i think i want a new pair of cute ear phones ^^

  4. hi, I try to contact with focal price customer service, but there is no reply at all. it always shows a form to fill in. i sent it for several times and no reply till now. can you tell me how to contact them anyway?


  5. I made two separate purchases for amount of $20 and $9 within a week. After waiting for 5 weeks and DID NOT receive the product, I went to their website and couldn't log in to my acct as if the acct is not there. Try to contact their customer service get no reply. Now I have to go to PayPal to dispute my purchase. The $20 purchase is more than 45 days so I can no longer dispute it.


  6. Hi Joyce. =) Nice to meet u. Umm I have the same PsP case like urs bt then I found out that there were 2 double sided tapes on the front of this cover at the top and bottom part of it. Did urs have it too??


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