Thursday, April 22, 2010

[NOTD] Pastel Flower Design~

It's been a while! I've been too lazy to do my nails xD I saw some scans on soompi from a nail magazine with floral designs & wanted to try it out. I love pastel nail polish, especially China Glaze Re-freshmint. I've been using it so often lately, i probably have to stock up on some more bottles! haha

CG Re-freshmint, CG Lemon Fizz, CG Tree Hugger (Perfect for Earth Day ^^), Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto.

Some of the floral patterns reminded me of my background! I saw this background on Poupee Girl as a wallpaper & fell in love & bought all 3 colors in the game. haha

I have a ton of nail polish reviews/swatches left to do, but I keep getting distracted with school. Bleh. I'm ready for summer! 3 more weeeeks! Yeaaah!

Friday, April 16, 2010

[NOTD] Lemon Fizz with Blue Hearts

So, I've been practicing with the Konad, and i think i finally got the hang of it! I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz & the blue Konad nail polish that came with starter set 3, & image plate M3. My Konad-ing skills aren't that great right now, but hopefully I'll get better xD I'm hoping to order more plates soon too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I spent my Victoria's Secret Rewards Card.

My SRC amount was $10 & I honestly didn't know what to spend it on. I was thinking about buying 2 more tubes of Beauty Rush mascara, but I have enough right now. I was looking around and saw this cute tote bag on display & one of the saleswomen told me i could get it for $5 with any PINK purchase (originally $12.50). I was trying to find the cheapest PINK item, so i grabbed that cute heart shaped makeup bag (i'm going to use it as a coin purse xD). The tag said it was $5.00~the cheapest PINK item i could find. When the lady rang up my items, I was expecting to pay $10, but the total was $7.35! The little heart shaped makeup bag was only $2.00. SCOOORE! haha. Now, i have $2.65 left on my SRC :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

[NOTD] Bikini Yellow & Bikini Green

The seller I got these polishes from bought them in Korea. They're called Bikini Yellow and Bikini Green. I was expecting pastel colors, but they're more neon in color---really bright! The formula is a little thick and application was very streaky, so I had to use 3 coats. On the plus side, they're very glossy & I didn't have bright, neon colors, so I'm glad i got these. They dried really fast too.

Bikini Yellow

Bikini Green

I also got my first set of Color Club polishes from Ross! Nothing can beat $7.99 for a whole set of Color Club Pardon My French from the 2010 Spring Collection! Swatches soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

[Review] Unlocked LG Viewty KU990

It came in this cute box. haha

The front: The Stylus is attached like a cell charm. It retracts when pulled out.

The back: Camera with flash. The grey thing is the jog wheel for zoom.

I finally got a new phone! My Nokia N70 gave up on me and wouldn't charge anymore :( I went searching for a touch screen cell with a great camera and stumbled upon the LG Viewty KU990. I saw the White version of the phone and instantly fell in love! The camera is 5.1 mega pixel and has auto focus. It can also record videos 120 frames per second, which i have yet to try, so i'm hoping i can capture something cool (maybe i'll make someone do a backflip or breakdance..idk xD).

*What I love most about this phone is that it looks like a camera at first glance. It's also light weight. It was not as bulky as I thought it would be.
*Can recognize handwritten text using the stylus.
*QWERTY touchscreen keyboard is very easy to use.
*Great picture quality. You can also draw on/edit your pictures & videos.
*120 fps video option.
*Web Browser, PDF viewer, mp3 player, video player.
*Yoobin (Wonder Girls) used the hot pink Cyon Viewty version of this phone in the So Hot music video xD (I found out about this on the Viewty thread on soompi :P)

I first charged the phone for 6 hours and unplugged it when I went to sleep ( 4 of 4 bars charged). Into the night, I woke up to the phone beeping. The battery was DYING! I had read good and bad reviews about the battery life of this phone, and I was hoping mine would be alright, but I was wrong. The next night, I charged it for 12 hours. Let's just say it didn't last that long. I was thinking about buying a replacement battery, but I read up on some tips from other KU990 users.

*Put it on Power saving mode.
*Set backlight to 10 seconds.
*Turn 3g off & use 2G instead because 3g drains batteries quickly.

I was a little hesitant about turning off 3g, but then i realized I didn't need it. I don't have internet on my Tmobile plan. It's been more than 12 hours, and it's still 4 bars, fully charged. It worked :D! I'm so glad i don't have to buy a new battery/new phone.

I've yet to mess around with all the features on this phone, so that pretty much sums up my review. I'm really enjoying the phone so far!

Back Camera

Front Camera

Saturday, April 3, 2010

[NOTD] Refresh-mint Sparkle & Groovy Green!

I used CG Re-freshmint as base and CG Emerald Sparkle. I love how it turned out! Before this, i was trying out CG Groovy green. Re-freshmint & Groovy Green look very similar at first glance, but Groovy Green is much paler & in certain lighting, it doesn't even look green.

CG Groovy Green

This was a bit streaky to apply, so i used 3 coats. I love the color though!

On a different note, i bought a new phone--White LG Viewty! My N70 has given out me & refuses to charge :( I should be getting my new phone in the mail very soon though. I'm so excited! My first touch screen phone with a 5 mp camera <3

Nail Haul of the week & Storage

Nail polish from Korea, bought from a seller on Soompi-Eclipse Bikini Green & Bikini Yellow.
I also went to a local beauty store & found these cool polishes & even some discontinued China Glaze! In the Mood China Glaze by China Glaze: Sea Foam Green to Champagne, Toma Nite Vision Glow in the Dark Polish, Toma Mood Changing Polish, & of course my favorite, China Glaze Groovy Green! I saw a swatch of this on a nail blog & i fell in love.

Borghese Nail Polish in Palmero Plum & Raspberry Sorbetto. I bought these at TJ Maxx for only $3.99 each. They retail up to $8.00 at certain stores.

Annnd finally! They had the Up&Away collection at Sally's! The store had buy 2 get one free, so i got Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, & Re-freshmint. I saw Emerald Sparkle in the clearance section for only $1.99 and had to grab it!

I found a better way to store my ever growing collection. I got this cute storage box at TJ Maxx. It definitely holds all my polishes better.

Check it out!

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