Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shoe Review!



I keep forgetting to post! :x Well, i finally got my Nudy Grey lenses that i ordered 2 months ago~i will post pictures/review later. This post is dedicated to the shoe haul i had online. My sister and I ordered from Urbanog.com and Makemechic.com We were really impressed with their prices and various styles/selections! We didn't know what to expect, but the shoes were really nice and fairly good quality. The shoes looked accurate to the stock photos from the websites. I'd definitely buy from them again! Free shipping took about 2 weeks (orders $50 and up=free shipping from both Urbanog.com and Makemechic.com). All in all both website are very reliable and have good quality. My gripe is that my white flats are a little large on me. I got my exact size, 6.5, but they were very loose. I would probably get a size 6 next time. On the other hand, my boots were size 7 and they fit perfectly. That's the trouble with online shopping, i guess!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am procrastinating again! It's finals week this week & i am totally not ready, especially for my math finals. ugh. I'm totally dreading that one! Last night was soo fun! We celebrated Heidi's birthday last night at Yukai Buffet---sushi bar/buffet. It was amazing. I love sushi <3 All the girls got dolled up & looked gorgeous. Heidi spent the night at my house. We got home at around 12 and slept at 4AM. We stayed up talking & trying to catch up on everything. I'll upload & post my pics from last night later on. Gotta go study. booooo!

The honey buns & I waiting for class to start. haha

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More shopping xD

I am happy to say that i've finished my Christmas shopping! woohoo!

I found the perfect Christmas present for my bb! He wanted this USB Flash Drive shaped like a key for a while now, but it was always out of stock at the school book store. I finally got it! The last one, too! haha

Mr. Panda on the first pic is my flash drive! It's so cute xD It's private area lights up when you plug it in the USB port ! LOL

I bought American Eagle hoodies for my brother and sister on Cyber Monday. They were on sale for $16 each with free shipping! What a great deal! These cost around $29.50 regularly.

aaand that's it! my sister bought me new boots & flats online the other day! i'm excited~i need new boots. My old ones were a little too big for me & i always ended up tripping and getting scuff marks on them!

OT, but I need to keep this blog secret from my fam/friends (just until Christmas ends). I don't wanna spoil the surprise (Christmas presents)! haha One of my besties (KIMMMM! aka freaking FBI) saw my Xmas post from the other day from my Tumblr, i think xD Good thing her present wasn't pictured :P (I SEE YOU KIM!)

Check it out!

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