Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I spent my Victoria's Secret Rewards Card.

My SRC amount was $10 & I honestly didn't know what to spend it on. I was thinking about buying 2 more tubes of Beauty Rush mascara, but I have enough right now. I was looking around and saw this cute tote bag on display & one of the saleswomen told me i could get it for $5 with any PINK purchase (originally $12.50). I was trying to find the cheapest PINK item, so i grabbed that cute heart shaped makeup bag (i'm going to use it as a coin purse xD). The tag said it was $5.00~the cheapest PINK item i could find. When the lady rang up my items, I was expecting to pay $10, but the total was $7.35! The little heart shaped makeup bag was only $2.00. SCOOORE! haha. Now, i have $2.65 left on my SRC :D


  1. That's definitely a cute tote!!!!

  2. Damn, what a steal!! I always get those $10 off or free underwear cards in the mail, but I'm too lazy to go to the store and use them ><; I really need to take advantage more! :)

    I love your nail designs! I'll be sure to check out your tutorials as well ^^

    How are those Color Club polishes? I've been hearing a lot of girls talk about them on Soompi... are they good quality for what you pay for?

  3. @miss maarte: thank you :)

    @katie: ooh you should definitely put those to good use! hehe there are always some great deals there.

    thank you! i check out your blog also. your nail designs are soo cute! i haven't tried out the color club polishes yet, but i'll be sure to swatch them in a few days ^^

    @JL ♪ GiLiNG: yup! can't wait until VS gives out SRCs again xD


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