Sunday, July 18, 2010

[Review] GEO Honey Wing Lenses

I haven't done a Circle lens reviews in a while! Unfortunately, my GEO Fresh Color Gray lenses (my favorite) ripped! I recently bought GEO Honey Wings, which I've had my eyes on (heh :P) for a while. I was looking for lenses which had a more natural look, and these are it!

color/design: I LOVE the color & design. At first I was a little disappointed that the color wasn't lighter on my eyes, but it's great for a more natural look! My coworkers didn't notice I wore these lenses until I told them. 9/10
comfort: I wore these for 7 hours at work today. I felt no discomfort at all, apart from when first putting them on. I just cleaned it a little bit more with solution & tadaaa! I forgot I was even wearing lenses today! haha 9/10
enlargement: These lenses don't have that great of an enlargement. It's only 14mm in diameter. There are other lenses out there that will enlarge better than this one. 6/10

All in all, I think Honey Wing is great for people who want to try out circle lenses for the first time. It's comfortable, has a natural look, and that wing/halo effect adds a fresh appearance to your eyes. I would definitely try out the other lenses in the GEO Wing series! I'm actually thinking about getting lenses that are larger than 14mm, but I'm a little scared it would look weird on me...

I also got an asymmetrical bob today! My hair was getting poofy and shapeless~haha

Here's a picture with less of a zombie-like stare xD haha

Closer look!

Remember! My giveaway will end on July 20th (12AM EST) ^^ Good luck everyone!


  1. Ooh I love those lenses, your hair looks super cute!

  2. Lovely! Your eyes look so dreamy in them ^^
    & great haircut as well!


  3. CGBlogger thank you so much ^^

    Thank you Mandie!

    Lisa, thank you! Great blog you have there~~

    Thank you Zara! :D

  4. I love these lenses :D

  5. Oh I have these! They were my very first pair. I still <3 them :)



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