Thursday, August 19, 2010

[NOTD] Ladybug Sparkles

Hey everyone! It's been a month since I last updated & the only reasons I have are...laziness & no motivation! haha I broke like 3 nails at work and was too lazy to design or paint them in the past month, but here I am! I'm back :D Sorry for the month hiatus. I will try to update as much as I can! I've quit my job & today was my first day back to school. It's my 2nd year in community college *hopefully my last year* I'm planning to transfer out after I finish my prerequisites and take a nursing program at Sentara School of Health Professions. I'm pretty excited :D

So, I've been trying to look for inspiration & found it in BoA, a singer from Korea (popular in Japan as well). She tweeted a picture of her nails & I thought it looked gorgeous (CLICK)~I love the red & black combo.

My design turned out different than BoA's, but I love it!:) The outcome reminded me of ladybugs!

I topped the red area with the flakie topcoat, Colorama Sonic Sunset.

What I used~


  1. This is really cute! love all your nail arts <3


  2. so cute. i was just about to ask you what gave it the rainbow/marble effect but now it see. very nice!

  3. Cute, my sister would like this.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I like this a lot! I was thinking of doing a different take of this sometime on my blog

    Feel free to check it out (and your readers too!) if you follow you can enter my giveaway!!!


    Thanks! Hope to see you all on there!

  5. I've rewarded you in my blog :)

  6. Impressive blog and the way you design your nails its looks beautiful can't wait to try it out on mine nails.

    laser new york

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