Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Post~

Ahh i haven't updated in so long D: Well, Thanksgiving was really fun! I enjoyed it with my whole family. We played chatted, played games, & of course, ate a truck load of food! We still have some leftovers! haha. I was sad my sister could not make it cause of work. She missed the fun "Taboo" game my cousins & I were playing & the endless buffet. I looooved the mashed potatoes & stuffing. So delicious & the desserts were amazing!

I didn't get to participate in Black Friday this year :( My shopping buddy, aka my sister, had work & we couldn't shop early. I bet we missed some great sales! I was so *sadface* about that until she called me after work and told me we could go shopping the today! There were some pretty good deals at the mall. I ended up buying my Christmas presents & some jewelery. I'm done Christmas shopping for my girl friends~now i have to get presents for my fambam & my boyfriend, who is sooo hard to shop for! Gotta make another shopping trip soon.

On another note, it's my best best best friend's birthday today! She turned the big 20! She decided to have a joint birthday with her sister in two weeks, so i'm really looking forward to that! She called me today and it turns out she's sick (lost her voice too T_____T) & her boss made her go to work. WTH! Fell better soon bffffff<3


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