Saturday, November 28, 2009

New eyes!

Two posts in one day! I'm making up for neglecting this blog xD
My sister gave me circle lenses today woohoo! They're fresh color grays & i loooove them! I'm excited to get my Nudy Gray lens. I still haven't received them yet...

Pictures & Review! (also posted at soompi circle lens thread)

Without lens & With Lens~

color/design: it's natural looking & dark gray. i love them. 10/10
comfort: These are my first ever lenses & i was surprised how comfortable they were. I had them on for about an hour and they did not bother my eyes at all. They're comfortable. 9/10
enlargement: i'm pretty happy with the enlargement, but the diameter on these are 14 mm. There are larger lenses out there~7/10

These are my first ever lenses. I was so scared to put them on or if my eyes would get irritated since my eyes turn red/irritate easily. These were really comfortable though.

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