Sunday, February 21, 2010


EDIT: They launched their PLAY feature. Now you can earn points by watching their videos! Email or comment me for a LOCKERZ INVITE :D

Hello everyone! I discovered a website through a fellow soompi forums member called Lockerz.com! It is invite only, so you have to find somebody that already has an account to join. You gain points (PTZ---sorta like their currency) by answering daily questions, logging in, playing games, etc. Every month, they do restocks on many popular brands/items such as PS3, Wii, PSP, jewelery, cute USB flash drives, clothing, and even OPI Nail polish, etc. There's so many things to choose from! Users can use the points they gained to "buy" these items certain times of the month with their accumulated PTZ for free!. Too good to be true, huh? There have been many positive testimonials about this site on youtube proving that lockerz.com has really sent them their prizes! Once you get at least 20 people to join, you gain double PTZ and become a VIP member (Z-lister).

I already have an account there, so if anyone would like an invite, feel free to email me your email address so i can invite you :)

Email me at mizzqtpnai@hotmail.com

To learn more about the website, go to http://talkprizes.com/ forum, check the FAQ section at lockerz.com, or join their facebook page for the latest updates.

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