Saturday, January 9, 2010

OHH! 서프라이즈!

"Oh! Suprise!" Ah it took me a while to type that in Korean. I haven't practiced my hangul typing in a while. haha. Anyways, the surprise...i got a really really short haircut. I showed the hair dresser a picture of the exact haircut i wanted (like my short haircut from 2 years ago) with the front, back, and side details, but she cut it TOO effing short. This is probably the shortest hairstyle i've had since i was a little girl (*cough* when my sis cut my hair *cough*). LOL. I'm getting used to it now. It's not bad once i style it and all. It's less maintenance & healthier now too. No more split ends~! I'm probably gonna buy this Japanese styling wax called Gatsby Hair Wax soon. I heard it's great for layered hair.

btw, new layout! i think this one is neater looking than the other format. i made a new banner too <3 i kinda miss making graphics. gotta put that on my (long) to-do list, but that's probably gonna be another post, if i don't get lazy. haha

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holidays!

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