Saturday, January 9, 2010

Procrastination even w/ blogging.

GAH! I haven't updated in almost a month! Two days until second semester starts! I'm not looking forward to Statistics, more studying, woohoo! I held off my Anatomy & Physiology for next school year since 1) All the 'good' teachers' classes were filled up so quickly. 2) I was told it is a REALLY hard course. I figured I'd finish & focus on my last required math prerequisite this semester. I'm also taking Public speaking! OH JOY! I HATE speaking in front of everyone. Ask anyone that went to my sister's wedding (i was the Maid of Honor, so speech was mandatory. lol). I am horrible at speeches. I wrote down everything i wanted to say and went over it a zillion times, yet the words flew out my brain, through my ears, & into space~there were so many people that I went blank & started stuttering like mad. LOL. I hate how it's a mandatory prerequisite for nursing. haha. Anyways, I hope i overcome my fear of public speaking in that class.

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