Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pre & Post Valentines~

Dumplings, Broccoli-Onion-Sweet Potato Tempura, Fried Banana, Volcano Rolls, 3 California Rolls, Rice :D mmm mmm!

Couldn't see my bb on Valentines, so we went to eat the Thursday before Vday and the day after Vday. haha We went to eat our favorite---Fresh Spring Rolls--on Thursday at Pho 78. We went to eat at Inaka Sushi on Monday. The fresh spring rolls were delicious as usual! It was my first time eating at Inaka Sushi & it was great! The people there were really friendly and attentive. I loved the bento lunch i got. So filling & delicious! I got the Volcano Roll bento box & Paul got the Salmon bento box.


  1. thank you for subscribing to my blog! i was very happy =) i like your blog as well! ^^ what part of VA are you in?

  2. Hi ^_^ i'm from Virginia Beach :)


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