Saturday, March 27, 2010

[TUTORIAL] Black & Pearl White Sparkles

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No fruit theme, dots, pastel, or pink today! I wanted to put my black ULTA nail polish to good use since it's a little dull by itself.

Here's how i did it:

What i used (L to R): ELF Pearl, Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope, Nicole by OPI Imagine If, LA Colors Base/Top Coat, Seche Vite Top Coat, & ULTA Little Black Dress, & Nail Art gemstones.

Apply clear base coat & let dry. Next, use two coats of ELF "Pearl nail polish." Once this is dry, use the black nail polish for the tips. It's ok if it's a little messy, it will be covered up later on by glitters!

Next, apply Nicole "Imagine If", or any holographic nail polish, onto the Pearl white area & overlap it onto the black tips.

Next, use "Kaleidoscope", which has bigger glitter pieces than "Imagine If," onto the black tips. Now, put coat your nails with a top coat.

Now it's time to use some star pieces!

Tip for picking up deco gem pieces: Put some base or top coat on a piece of paper. Dip a toothpick onto the base or top coat (I used LA Colors Base/Top Coat for this since Seche Vite dries too quickly) . Now, pick up the pieces and press it lightly on the nails. Put it wherever you think looks good :) When you're finished with that, apply the final top coat (Seche Vite), & then you're done!


  1. Nice tut! =] Have u konaded yet? hehe

  2. i actually tried last night, but it was definitely not worth posting! haha i still need to get the hang out it & maybe buy more image plates :P

  3. thats pretty! and awesome tutorial =)


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