Thursday, April 22, 2010

[NOTD] Pastel Flower Design~

It's been a while! I've been too lazy to do my nails xD I saw some scans on soompi from a nail magazine with floral designs & wanted to try it out. I love pastel nail polish, especially China Glaze Re-freshmint. I've been using it so often lately, i probably have to stock up on some more bottles! haha

CG Re-freshmint, CG Lemon Fizz, CG Tree Hugger (Perfect for Earth Day ^^), Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto.

Some of the floral patterns reminded me of my background! I saw this background on Poupee Girl as a wallpaper & fell in love & bought all 3 colors in the game. haha

I have a ton of nail polish reviews/swatches left to do, but I keep getting distracted with school. Bleh. I'm ready for summer! 3 more weeeeks! Yeaaah!


  1. Ohh so cute <3! How'd u do that?

    - ♥ Janel [blog]

  2. very creative and cute. Did you use konad or draw them in yourself?

  3. @Nicol: Thank you ^^

    @JL ♪ GiLiNG : Thank you ^^ I'll probably do a tutorial on these soon!

    @naturalnchicmakeup: Thank you! I drew them on myself :)

  4. Omg I haven't decorated my nails in so long! I used to love drawing on them... you're making me wanna do it again :)


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