Friday, May 7, 2010

First Anniversary

It's my boyfriend & I's first anniversary on Sunday, but we celebrated early~We went to his favorite sushi restaurant and the park today. I had a great time! He was actually ~teaching~ me how to ride a bike. I never learned as a kid, so he's been teaching me & I've been getting better, though my balance still sucks! haha I can't believe I went biking in my favorite sandals! I was thiiiis close to breaking them!

I got the Dragon Box. Everything was delicious! Also got fried ice cream. It was my first time trying fried ice cream~ SO delicious! mm mm!

The scenery is really nice at Mt. Trashmore (yeaah it's actually made of trash/"compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil" Google it! It's pretty interesting. lol) It's a really nice park~

Unfortunately got black spots on my short from the table after this -_- boo!

My love

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