Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update! :)

Hello, lovely readers! It's been so long since my last updates. I still can't believe the amount of people that still check out this blog. You guys are amazing :) I've recently started doing nail art again (aka stopped being lazy! :p) and I've been posting them on instagram. So, I've decided to bring this blog back from the dead. I will be posting nail art, outfit of the days, and anything else I find awesome from now on!

So, here are a few NOTD's I've posted on instagram recently.  
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 Tried out scallop nails!
Essie Tart Deco, White nail polish

Pastel Glitter Gradient
Essie Lilacism, Forever 21 glitter nail polish

Amazing Flakies on top of an amazing nail polish!
Base: Zoya Valerie, Top: Finger Paints Flashy

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