Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopped til i dropped!

Yesterday I shopped for some Christmas presents for my friends. There were a few good sales at the mall, so i ended up buying only a shirt and a dress (actually, my sis bought it for me <3) for myself & a couple of jewelry items. And get this, 12 pieces of jewelry actually only cost me about $12! What a steal, eh? Claires was having a red line sale with another 75% off! Ahh i love sales. I always seem to find great ones whenever i shop with my sis. haha

I'm having a tough time figuring out what to get my bb. He's into DJing the most, but DJing equipment that he doesn't have yet is too expensive! hmm maybe i'll just pick up a gift card at H&M or Banana Republic xD

On another note, i'm starting to play Mabinogi again. I kinda lost interest playing a few weeks ago, but with the new Owl event, i actually log in almost everyday. I've gotten so many good items from the Global Owl event, the best being a Goggle Cap! YESS! I'm thinking of selling it for 600k-700k or trading for something else. The colors don't really appeal to me. I'll post up Mabi pics later on~

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