Saturday, April 3, 2010

[NOTD] Refresh-mint Sparkle & Groovy Green!

I used CG Re-freshmint as base and CG Emerald Sparkle. I love how it turned out! Before this, i was trying out CG Groovy green. Re-freshmint & Groovy Green look very similar at first glance, but Groovy Green is much paler & in certain lighting, it doesn't even look green.

CG Groovy Green

This was a bit streaky to apply, so i used 3 coats. I love the color though!

On a different note, i bought a new phone--White LG Viewty! My N70 has given out me & refuses to charge :( I should be getting my new phone in the mail very soon though. I'm so excited! My first touch screen phone with a 5 mp camera <3


  1. i like the color:D

    will now be following your blog. follow mine too?


  2. thank you ^^ following you now too!

  3. Hi thanks for following my blog (; love the nail looks! Keep them coming =]

  4. @Beyond Me Thank you ^^ Kimchi stew on your blog looks SO delicious. I would like to try making it too!

    @augustalolita Thank youu! :DD


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